Holistic food is made for the nutritional whole-body health for our pets that we love. Holistic brands have been around for about 20 + years to commit to healthy lifestyles. 

Each holistic brand creates recipes with guaranteed levels of probiotics packed in AFTER cooked, enzymes for digestion, fiber, and real organs and meat parts in each kibble. Holistic aims for balanced nutrition, immune support and regularity. 

Keeping our little friends happy and healthy and guaranteeing a long life is our responsibility. 

What is the best pet food that I can feed my dog, and how do I make it exciting for them? 

If you are a frequent buyer with Sloppy Kisses, most brands offer free products after so many purchased. Depending on the company it allows for after you buy so many, you will get one FREE! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

All of our pets need something different to either correspond with their taste or allergies; at Sloppy Kisses we try to help you find the perfect one for them. Whether its a kibble that has all the grains for their nourishment, or a grain-free kibble with no extra fillers, or even a limited ingredient diet for all those pets with allergies. Sloppy Kisses also has freeze-dried diets for pets that struggle with hard kibbles, or canned foods with extra moisture. We even have FROZEN RAW diets, to ensure the highest quality of nutrition for our pets. 

Sloppy Kisses also has many options to spice up the bowl to keep the spirit of eating alive. Whether its a fresh topper, a bone broth, a freeze-dried topper, or even some enhancers for skin and coat. 

Do you offer frequent buyer programs?
What is the difference between Holistic dog food and box brand foods?