​​ *Pet Food Counseling 

​   Come in and talk to one of our nutritionally trained employees.

* Delivery's

   Call Sloppy Kisses for all details on deliveries. 

* Curbside Pickup

   Call beforehand or when out front to order and receive your items at arrival. 

* Auto-ship 

   Come in to get set up for deliveries sent straight to your door. 



Cricket card: 

- Eligible for small and large crickets.

- Punched off per dozen of crickets. 

Roach Card: 

- Eligible for all sizes of Dubia roaches.

- Punched off per roach. 

Mice Card: 

- Eligible for all size mice. 

- Punched off per mouse.

- Eligible for frozen at any size. 

* Prices vary depending on the different cards*

Sloppy Kisses now has our new and improved way to save on feeders. 

The card is a prepaid punch card used to save money in the long run. The cards range from anything like rats to crickets. 

How to save when buying live or frozen feeders: 

Rat Card: 

-Eligible for all size rats.

- Punched off per rat.

- Eligible for frozen in any size.